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The last deathless day on the Texas roadways was November 7, 2000. For nearly 19 years, at least one person a day has lost their life in a traffic accident – accounting for nearly 67,000 people. Since 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the Texas Transportation Commission have been on a mission to end this deadly streak.


What is #EndTheStreakTX?

The #EndTheStreakTX campaign is an annual challenge by TxDOT and the Texas Transportation Commission asking Texans to help end traffic fatalities in the Lone Star State.

Texas Traffic Commissioner Laura Ryan issued a public challenge for Texas drivers to tell 10 people about #EndTheStreakTX, and then have each of the 10 people tell another 10 to generate awareness and support to end the trend. TxDOT is also asking drivers to share personal stories, photos and video testimonials on how they and their loved ones have been impacted by the deadly trend by using #EndTheStreakTX.

Last May, the Texas Transportation Commissioner approved a goal to end fatal crashed in Texas by 2050 with an interim goal to reduce them by half by 2035. TxDOT is also dedicating $600 million for safety improvements along Texas roads for the next two years. Their efforts will include widening roads, adding rumble strips, adding reinforced shoulders and turn lanes and employing new technology that increases the safety of the road system.


How Can I Get Involved?

Texans can play a major role in TxDOT’s efforts to end fatal crashes with a few simple driving habits: drive the speed limit, wear a seatbelt, make sure everyone in the vehicle wears a seatbelt, never drive under the influence and put away your cellphone.

According to the Texas Strategic Highway Safety Plan, distracted driving accounts for nearly 15% of fatal crashes in the Lone Star State, with 64% taking place in urban areas. Enabling Do Not Disturb on your cell phone is an easy way to ensure you are not distracted by incoming calls, texts or other notifications. From Android to iPhone, most smartphones are equipped with this feature and some have the ability to enable it automatically while driving.

Listed below is a step-by-step guide on how to enable Do Not Disturb on an iPhone:


  1. Go to your Settings and select Do Not Disturb
  2. Once there, locate DO NOT DISTURB WHILE DRIVING. The feature is located toward the bottom of the screen
  3. Select Activate then select Automatically from the list of options
  4. To set up an Auto-Reply, go back to the Do Not Disturb main menu
  5. Scroll towards the bottom of the screen and select Auto-Reply To
  6. From there, select who will receive an auto-reply
  7. Go back to the Do Not Disturb main menu and scroll to the bottom of the screen to customize your auto-reply message

Jones|Carter is committed to helping #EndTheStreakTX by elevating the conversation with our high performing teams of Engineers, Planners and Surveyors along with our families and clients. We encourage you to do the same. Someone loves you and wants you to get home safe tonight.


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