Texas By Design Podcast

A podcast for Texas’s civil engineers, business and government leaders looking to keep up with current issues and events impacting our industry.

From market trends to industry news, and everything in between, our hosts cover a diverse range of topics for those looking to achieve success in the current environment. Listen with us as we talk with industry leaders who offer expert insight from a Texas perspective.


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Latest Episodes

Episode 34:

Episode 33:
Episode 32:

Home inventory, new contracts, and home starts are just a few of the data metrics single-family developers are using to create communities that drive sales. Listen as Lawrence Dean from Zonda discuss how developers are leveraging data to make multi-decade decisions and offers insight into the current and future state of Houston’s housing market.

Episode 31:

Austin Water is already preparing for the city’s unprecedented growth expected over the course of the next century. Shwetha Pandurangi, PE, CFM joins us to discuss how the utility provider has shifted operations and strategic initiatives to manage quality and ensure consistency while keeping up with rising demand. We also touch on the importance of public-private partnerships to ensure both sides help meet the needs of a growing community.

Episode 30:

Serving one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Austin Water is faced with increasing demand. Shwetha Pandurangi, PE, CFM joins us to discuss how developers and the public sector can work together to foster positive growth and how water infrastructure is vital for the growing community. We also touch on how recent changes to the development code have impacted the agency.

Meet the Hosts of Texas By Design

Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer 

Chief Private Markets Officer

Chief Public Markets Officer
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