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Lack of resources and awareness coupled with the rise in cybercrimes have left local and state governments vulnerable to cyberattacks. To combat the issue, Governor Greg Abbot signed House Bill 3834 (HB 3834) into law, requiring most local and state employees to complete cybersecurity training.

The new law, which took effect on June 14, 2019, mandates the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to certify a cybersecurity training programs. Sean McMillan, PE, Senior Control Specialist Engineer and ISA/99 certified Cybersecurity Expert created and certified an HB 3834 compliant course.

Sean’s course is geared towards municipal districts and board members. He has worked with such leaders for more than 20 years and understands the valuable data they are responsible for safeguarding. Using his industry knowledge and cyber expertise, Sean’s “Cybersecurity Basic Training” equips municipal districts and board members with the skills they need to develop proactive security habits.  


What Does the Course Cover?

Participants will be educated on the multiple methods of how to safeguard against unauthorized access such as using complex credentials and two-factor authentication. They will also have the opportunity to learn about encrypting data, establishing policies for how data should be shared and who should have access.

Another major talking point is how to identify attacks and how to address them. Among the attacks that will be discussed are phishing and spear-phishing, which are two of the most common types of email attacks. Such attacks can be identified by emails that come from an unusual address or login pages that do not appear legitimate. Sean will inform participants on how to address these threats and other threats like denial of service (DoS), man in the middle (MitM) and malware.

At the end of the course, participants will be asked to complete a short assessment. Completing this assessment is required to obtain the Security Awareness Training Certification.


When am I Required to Complete the Course?

Course completion is determined by whether you work on the state or local level. For example, state elected or appointed officials and state employees who use a computer for at least 25 percent of their required duties must complete the course by June 1, 2020. However, local elected officials and employees with access to a local government computer have until June 14, 2020.

State contractors are also required to complete the course within the terms of the contract, but only if they have access to a state computer system or database.

These deadlines are subject to change. Be sure to check the DIR website for more information.

From drones to cybersecurity, our industry experts are always looking for technology that creates safer environments for our team and community. Contact our team to learn more about Cybersecurity Basic Training and other services we provide.


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