Passing the PE Exam: Prep Tips for Acing Your Exam


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The Professional Engineer (PE) exam is tough, but preparing for it shouldn’t be. Whether you’re an engineer-in-training (EIT) or an intern, it’s never too early to start thinking about the PE exam and how you can prepare for success in this crucial step in your career.

We believe continued education is essential to our team members’ long-term career success. Because of this, our experts are dedicated to providing our team with the resources they need to grow their knowledge and skills in various areas of civil engineering – with specific support for early engineers to ensure you are well prepared for the PE exam when it comes.  Everyone prepares differently, but regardless of what study methods work best for you, it helps to have a support system behind you, rooting for your success!

With test day quickly approaching, we sat down with Austin Strobel, one of our team members who recently passed the PE exam, to discuss how she prepared for the test.


Q: What advice would you give those preparing for the PE exam?

A: However you choose to study, make a study schedule so you know you will cover all the material. Prepare yourself for some busy months, but also don’t forget to take care of yourself! Being in a good state of mind is essential and will support all the hard work you’ve put into the exam.


Q: How did you juggle working full-time and preparing for the PE exam?

A: Our team knew that a few of us were studying for the PE exam and would be respectful of our “hard-stop” on work at 5:30. After that, we would transition to study time. As long as you start studying early enough, you won’t need to study that late after work and only a couple of hours on the weekends.


Q: What resources did you use to help prepare for the PE exam?

A: I used a TestMasters course that provided videos and study materials. This was very helpful as the professors went into detail over what would be on the exam and the steps to take for different types of questions.


Q: How did your experience at Jones|Carter help prepare you for the exam?

A: Having a reliable group of teammates to study with was very helpful. We asked each other many questions to make sure we all understood the information. Outside of our study group, we had many PE’s in the office that would encourage us, give us tips, and generally made us feel less anxious about the exam. Everyone in the office was helpful, and everyone celebrated when we passed!

Additional Tips for Acing Your PE Exam


Establish a study schedule:

Preparing for the PE exam takes time and dedication. Give yourself plenty of time to study by starting early. Dedicate specific days or times to studying, and stick with the schedule you set for yourself. Marathon study sessions and cramming could cause you to become burnt out. The PE exam is challenging, but it’s an important step in your career. Make sure you have a plan in place to make it to test day well prepared and feeling your best.


Test your knowledge:

Practice 10-15 problems after each subject to gauge how well you understand the information. If you answer the questions correctly, move on to the next subject. If you struggle with the practice problems, consider spending more time on that subject.


Familiarize yourself with the PE exam requirements and specifications:

You don’t want to be the person who shows up late for the exam or brought the wrong calculator. Make sure you familiarize yourself with exam day requirements, including necessary documents, accepted exam materials, and registration and exam times.


Seek advice:

Many of our experienced team members have passed the exam and are eager to help and see their coworkers succeed. Seek advice from friends or coworkers who have already taken or passed the PE exam to see if they have any additional tips.


Celebrate your success:

Passing the PE exam is a major accomplishment that reflects your hard work. Be sure to celebrate this success and the door it will open for your career!

Helping our team prepare and pass the PE exam is just one step we take to help them excel in their desired career paths. In addition to PE exam prep, we also support our team’s endeavors in higher education and their participation in professional, technical and, civil organizations.

Learn more about how our team works to support each other’s career growth and development by visiting our careers page!



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