Texas Pollution Discharge Elimination System Pretreatment Program Stakeholder Meeting


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The TCEQ Pretreatment Division had a Stakeholder Meeting in September. Following are the highlights of the meeting:

The TCEQ conducts audits of existing pretreatment programs every 5 years. How the audit is conducted will be a little different from here on. The records review and exit interview portion of the audit will be done virtually. We will upload all records to the TCEQ FTP site and they will review them. The TCEQ will still be doing Industrial User site visits in person. All of the records for Quiddity clients are already in digital format, so there will not need to be any scanning of documents.

The data requirements for TBLL redevelopment have changed. There will still need to be 4 – 8 sets (depending on WWTP plant size) of influent and effluent data that needs to be submitted, but data obtained during routine quarterly influent and effluent analysis can be used if certain conditions apply. There will still need to be sampling and analysis of the non-regulated sector of the service area.

The latest pollutant of concern with the EPA is polyfluoroalkyl substances – known as PFAS. The EPA is developing new rules to deal with industries which may discharge PFAS. One of the categories commonly found in Districts and cities is metal finishers. These new regulations are expected to be finalized in the summer of 2024. Expect PFAS to be one of the pollutants to be analyzed upon permit renewal. Currently, there is no EPA approved test method for PFAS, but they are working on it.

A recording of the meeting presentation can be found at the following link:


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