How Texas Can Maintain its Flood Mitigation Progress


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Hurricane Harvey spurred discussions among local leaders on how to better protect our communities from the next extreme weather event.  Since then, Texas has made tremendous progress in terms of stormwater mitigation. Building standards and flood mitigation regulations have become more stringent, and other protective policies have been put in place to protect our growing communities.

Per the 55 civil engineers who worked on the 2021 Texas Infrastructure Report Card, we can do more to further our progress. The report noted that Texas has an opportunity to utilize innovative computer modeling to help make a significant impact on the state’s flood risk reduction and stormwater drainage infrastructure.

Advancements in computer simulation modeling using two and three-dimensional hydraulic modeling are helping better define floodplains. Houston and other coastal communities are using this advanced modeling technique to understand localized flooding in urban drainage systems in flood-prone areas outside a mapped floodplain.

The report also suggests that urbanized areas across the state update their floodplain mapping using new data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Atlas 14. These updated maps, along with advanced modeling, will provide local leaders with a better understanding of their flood risk – allowing them to accurately plan and design infrastructure that minimizes the threat of flooding.

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