Our New Brand Identity – Becoming the Quiddity of Consulting Engineering


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We are excited to announce that we are changing our name to Quiddity Engineering!  This change of name better reflects the company we have grown into, as we have been working over the last several years to expand our service capabilities, grow into new markets, provide award winning service to our clients, and attract incredibly talented engineers, surveyors, and planners.

Our approach is built on two important concepts.  The first being that culture matters.  Our company culture is based on our core values which are central to our service model, our selection and training processes and our strategic direction.  Second, we believe that the time is right to establish a new standard of excellence in the consultative engineering industry, and we believe we are the firm that will create this new performance gold standard.

“Quiddity” is an infrequently used word that means “the essence of something,” or “a distinctive feature.” We felt that Quiddity was the perfect word to capture the strategic direction of our company.  We are constantly working to develop and implement business strategies and processes that capture the essence of what it means to perform with excellence in our industry.  We are on a mission to literally become the Quiddity of our industry.  This desire extends to both our clients and our employees.  We are committed to our shared vision as we passionately pursue excellence together.

We hope that you join us in celebrating our new brand as we strive to truly become the Quiddity of the consulting engineering industry.


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