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We are proud to have a team that understands the value and importance of giving back to the communities where we live, work and play. Many of our team members play an active role in their community – not just as engineers, planners and surveyors – but as community members and residents.  

Community service is central to how we do business. This is not only reflected through our work but in our commitment to giving back. From toy drives to volunteering at food banks, our commitment to serving is accomplished by providing team members with opportunities to give back throughout the year and by supporting them in their own volunteer efforts to impact organizations they are passionate about.  


What Volunteerism Means for Our Team  

Mary Barton, one of our Business Development Managers, is a champion of giving back to her Central Texas community. Multiple times a year, she and members of our team get together to donate their time and cooking skills to the Ronald McDonald House of Central Texas. We sat down with her to learn more about her experience with the charity and why she thinks volunteerism is integral to our industry.   

What does a typical day at the Ronald McDonald House look like? 

We prepare meals for families staying at the house so they don’t have to leave the hospital area for food. At full capacity, there could be as many as 20 people staying at the house, so we prepare meals large enough to feed everyone.

Why do you feel volunteerism is important? 

I think it’s important to support organizations like the Ronald McDonald House because they provide so much for families across Texas. I also believe it’s important both personally and professionally to give back to the communities where we live and work.  

How do you feel working together in an environment like this impacts our company culture?  

During a past cook day, we discovered that a coworker’s family needed the house while their child was recovering from a serious illness. We learned that our efforts not only help strangers but also our own. I think it also helps create a more connected group of employees.  

Other Causes Our Team is Passionate About


CANstruction is a yearly event where our team highlights their creativity by creating structures out of canned goods, which are then donated to food banks across Texas. Through the years, our team has donated thousands of cans to food banks like Cy-Fair Helping Hands, the Central Texas Food Bank, the Society of Samaritans and more. Check out some of our past structures.  

Donation Drives 

Throughout the year, our team finds ways to donate to those in need. From school supplies to hurricane relief products, we have donated hundreds of items to kids and families across the Lone Star State. Most recently, our teams got together to fulfill the holiday wishes for a range of children across multiple holiday giving projects, including Bearing Gifts and Toys for Tots.  

Volunteering Our Time 

We strive to improve communities through our work as engineers, surveyors and planners, but by volunteering our time, we can create a better connection with the communities we serve. Though we provide opportunities for our team to volunteer, many of them go out of their way to give back on their own.  

We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to the communities around us and are proud to partner with other organizations to make an impact.  

CLICK HERE to learn more about our community involvement and the organizations we support.  


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