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Becoming an engineer-in-training (EIT) is an important step in your career. During this time, you are learning and gaining experience that lays the foundation for your future in the industry and better prepares you for passing the PE exam.

What you learn and the projects you work on during your training period help enhance your technical abilities and increase industry knowledge. Our goal is to provide EITs with a rich learning experience, create opportunities that allow them to broaden their professional network, and end their training period with as much experience as possible.

From flexible career paths to working on projects that make a difference in our careers and our communities, our team of engineers and learning and development experts provide EITs with the resources they need to excel in their careers.


Hands-On Experience that Makes a Difference

Everyone wants to feel like their work makes a difference. From roadway improvements to medical facilities and everything in between, we ensure our engineering teams have the opportunity to work on projects that positively impact the communities where we live and work.

Our design engineers work under the guidance and mentorship of industry experts who are invested in their careers and ensure they gain the experience and knowledge necessary to excel in this industry.

Emily Moran PE, one of our transportation engineers, utilized this experience during her time as an EIT to further her career and become a project engineer.

“I am surrounded and supported by strong leaders and coworkers who encourage me to test and improve my project and technical knowledge every day,” Emily said.

Flexible Career Paths

There are many service groups in the civil engineering industry, and interests or priorities might change throughout your career. Our team members often have varied and diverse career paths as they advance through our firm – often focusing on different specialties, types of projects, or team management depending on their skills and interests.

Our flexible career paths allow EITs to pursue areas of interest within certain divisions of the company to further their career goals. This focus on our team members’ long-term careers within the company is essential to an EIT’s training and development. It also helps engineering, planning, and surveying remain a passion rather than just a job.


Continued Education Opportunities

As a learning organization, we believe that continued education is essential to our team’s long-term career growth. Our industry experts are always working to create new and exciting learning opportunities that keep everyone ahead of the latest technologies and trends shaping the industry.

Breanna Bell, PE joined our team as an EIT shortly after graduating from Louisiana State University. During her time as an EIT, she participated in learning and education opportunities that allowed her to broaden her engineering career.

“I’ve gotten more opportunities to learn at a pace faster than I thought I would, and I love it,” Breanna said.

We offer a range of carefully curated continued education unit (CEU) and professional development hour (PDH) courses that cover a range of topics. We also provide all the necessary tools and resources you need to ace your PE exam when the time comes.

You can find more insight into how one of our team member’s experiences helped prepare her for the exam here.


An Award-Winning Company Culture

Successful EIT training and development doesn’t stop with technical knowledge. Our experienced engineers prioritize mentorship and networking opportunities as a key component of our company culture.

Team development is vital to our culture, and we believe this is essential for creating a collaborative environment that contributes to the success of each of our team members. If you’re going to spend the majority of your week at work, you might as well enjoy it!

As civil engineers, we have an inherent desire to help the communities around us. It’s important for us to give back through our engineering work by providing the best solutions possible for the cities where we live, work, and play, but it’s also important to us to give back in other ways as well.

We plan year-round opportunities for our team to get involved and get to know the communities we serve, such as donation drives and volunteering at local organizations. We recognize that becoming involved in the communities where we work is crucial to the success and development of our team. The better we understand our communities, the more successful our engineering solutions for them will be.

Our team embodies these components to help create a company culture that has made our firm one of the best companies to work for five years running!

You can find out why we are consistently ranked a Top Workplace and more insight into our company culture by clicking here. Our team continues to win projects that need the support of EITs. Be sure to check out our open positions if you’re looking for a career where your work makes a difference.


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